Hadrian's Wall - Travelling by road

Military road Northumbria in snow

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Save money on carparking

Many of the main carparks in the Northumberland National Park charge. You only need to use a few before its worth buying an annual car park pass. These can be bought at the visitors centre at Once Brewed or via the national park web site.

Traffic Black Spots

Roads in the area don't tend to be as busy as the rest of the country and driving is a much nicer experience. The main blackspots for traffic tend to be Newcastle and the A1(m) between Durham and Newcastle during the rush hour.

From the South

The main roads into the area are the A1(M) to Newcastle and the M6 to Carlisle.

There are a couple of other roads which are worth a mention. First is the road linking Penrith to Hexham via Alston. This is particularly popular with bikers, with the road winding steeply across some of the Pennine hills. Alston is a pretty little town, with a steam railway and a small but interesting museum. Its worth a stop if you've got time. The views on this road are probably best heading West.

Another road is the A68 between Darlington and Corbridge. Although it cuts a big corner off, its a much slower road and normally takes at least as long as the A1 and A69 option. However it can be a good alternative avoiding rush hour traffic, or as a scenic alternative to the A1.

From Scotland.

If you are coming South from Scotland then use the M74 from Glasgow to Carlisle.

To get to Newcastle either go via Carlisle or use the A697 Coldstream or the A68 Jedburgh road, (both of which are single carriageway with plenty of speed cameras). The A68 is built along the course of the Roman road into Scotand and parts of it are impressively (for Britain) straight. The A68 crosses the border high up in the Cheviots, at Carters Bar, this is probably the most scenic route to cross into Scotand.

The A1 North of Newcastle is an option if you're planning to visit some of the sites along the coast.

Along the Wall.

Between Newcastle and Carlisle the main road is the A69.

Just to the North of this is the B6318 the old military road . The road was built after the 1745 rebellion to link Carlisle and Newcastle. The road follows the course of Hadrians Wall (in fact in many places it was built straight on top of the wall!) and provides access to many of the sites in the area. It can be followed between Heddon on the Wall and Greenhead. The road also provides a scenic alternative to the A69.