Flights to Newcastle

Airlines serving Newcastle

There are flights to Newcastle from many places in the UK and Europe .

Newcastle to London flights:
British Airways has up to six flights a day from London Heathrow to Newcastle, while Fly BE has up to four flights to Newcastle from Gatwick. Both of these airlines are worth checking out, as sometimes cheap air fares to Newcastle can be comparable (or even cheaper) than the train - Flights from London to Newcastle usually start from about £80 return, but can be got from as low as £40 on the London Stanstead to Newcastle route.

Newcastle to other UK destinations:
Fly BE also has flights to Newcastle from Belfast, Exeter, Jersey, Newquay(weekly) and Southampton. If you book far enough ahead, some of these can be had for just over £60 for a return flight.

EasyJet has flights to Newcastle from Bristol and Belfast in the UK. They also serve quite a number of routes in Europe (although some are only served in the Summer Schedule) including flying Newcastle to Amsterdam.

Eastern Airways has flights to Newcastle from Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff, Stornoway and Wick as well as a Scandinavian destinations (Stavanger).

Newcastle to Europe flights:
KLM has several flights a day to Amsterdam with easy onward transfers to it's extensive global network.

Some other Europe destinations are also well served with SAS having several flights a week from Copenhagen . AirFrance flies twice daily from Newcastle to Paris and Lufthansa has a flight from Newcastle to Dusseldorf.

How to get to Hadrian's Wall

If you are trying to plan flights for your visit to Hadrian's Wall then the metro will take you straight to the centre of Newcastle making it a convenient choice for the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall. From Newcastle there are frequent train and bus services to Carlisle and the rest of Hadrian's Wall.It's even possible to get the 74 service straight from the airport to Hexham, though please note this is not an express service.

Buying tickets

When buying airline tickets always buy as far in advance as possible to get the best deals. Flying midweek can be a great deal cheaper than flying on Fridays or Mondays. Also don't just look at the low cost carriers, as other airlines can have fares as cheap as them.

Headline fares for air tickets often don't include tax, and there are often other fees to add on (from fuel surcharges to payments for paying with a credit card or booking in luggage - the list seems ever increasing). What different airlines add to the ticket price vary greatly from airline to airline and will make a huge difference to the final price of the ticket; So when looking at airfares always check the total price of the fare - A fare that show as 1 pence might come to over £30 when all these have been added.


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