Carlisle (Luguvalium)

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Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm, Sunday 12pm - 4pm
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28 March - 30 September 10am-6pm daily
1 October - 1 November 10am-5pm daily
Winter 10am-4pm Sat & Sun only
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The Roman fort in Carlisle was built at the crossroads of the north/south road with the east/west Stanegate road. It was not on the course of Hadrians wall and predated the building of the wall. It was initially built of timber in 73AD. The fort was abandoned for a short time at the start of the second century AD, before being rebuilt in wood. In the 3rd century the fort was rebuilt in stone and remained in use for the rest of the Roman period, surprisingly the building of Stanwix did not put it out of operation.

The Roman town was probably the civitas capital of the Carvetti (or deer people) tribe who lived in what is now Cumbria and Lancashire. There was a Mithraeum and a temple to Mars in the town.

The main fort for the wall was at Stanwix, just across the river Eden from the center of Carlisle. Stanwix was the most important fort on the wall. It was home to a milliary ala (cavalry regiment), the most powerful unit on the Wall. There were only about 10 milliary ala in the entire empire and only one of these was in Britain - the ala Augusta Gallorum Petriana milliaria civium Romanorum which had been raised initially in Gaul. Its commander would have been the most senior officer on the Wall, but this did not allow him to automatically control the other units. All the auxiliary commanders would have reported directly to the Governor, and there is no evidence for a seperate command of the Wall.

Nothing really remains of these forts today, but Carlisle does house the superb Tullie house museum with its collection of Roman finds.

Carlisle also has alot of other things to see including Carlisle castle, and excellent shopping and leisure facilities.