Great Chesters (Aesica)

Picture of Roman Vault at Great Chesters

Grid Reference: NY703668.

Run by:

Opening: Any reasonable time.

Public Transport: AD122 bus.

Carpark: Nearest carpark is at Cawfields Crag.

Facilities: Toilets and picnic tables at Cawfields Crag (NY712665)

The grass covered ramparts and ditch of Great Chesters Roman fort (Aesica) are clearly defined. Although not much of the interior of the fort is visible it does have a vaulted chamber in the centre (similar to the one at Chesters Roman Fort) - This was the forts strong room that would have lain beneath the headquarters building. The Roman fort also has a Roman alter at the southern gateway. This is the only alter still in place at a fort along Hadrian's wall.

Picture of Mile Castle 42

The fort is about a mile west of the carpark at Cawfields. The carpark is a very pleasant picnic site, with a large pool (that used to be a quarry), where you can sometimes see people scuba diving, and at some times of the year is full of frogs. Just to the east is a very fine example of a milecastle, with is walls standing to seven courses, and massive masonary at both gates. This section of Hadrian's wall is also very well preserved.