Carrawburgh (Brocoliti)

Picture of mithraeum at Carrawburgh

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Any reasonable time
Public Transport
AD122 bus.
Car Park
National Park - Ticket transferable to all other National Park car parks in the central section of Hadrian's Wall

The main interest at this site is the Mithraeum which was discovered by the landowner when walking his dog. When the alters were first found they still had traces of paint on them, but this faded and disapeared within a few minutes of being exposed to the air. The actual alters are now in the museum of antiquities in Newcastle, where you can also see a replica of what the temple would have looked like.

The cult of Mithras was particularly attractive to the army, in particular officers. Mithrasism was an ancient Eastern religion brought back by and adapted by the Romans. It was not an exclusive religion, so you could also worship other Gods, it was however exclusively male. According to the rites Mithras had pursued, caught and then killed the bull, therefore releasing power for mankind. Adherents progressed from grade to grade by passing ordeals. The sect was particularly hated by early Christians because of what they considered blasphemous imitations of Christian rites.