South Shields (Arbeia)Roman Fort

Picture of South Shields Fort

Grid Reference: NZ366678.

Run by: Tyne and Wear museums.

Opening: 1 April - 1 October: Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm, Saturday: 11am to 4.15pm, Sunday 2pm to 5pm
2 October - 31 March: Closed

Public Transport: South Shield transport interchange(for bus and metro) is 10 minutes walk from the site.

Facilities: Toilets, Gift Shop, Museum, Hot and Cold drinks

The site has reconstruction's of the gate, a barrack block and the commanding officer's house. They are based on archaelogical finds at this and other Roman forts. These are the only such reconstructions in the country and give you a good idea of how the forts would have looked like. The officer's house has authentic types of furnishings and wall paintings, while the barracks shows how the Roman soldiers would have lived, with eight men to a barrack block

There is also a museum showing finds from the site, as well as displays on the daily life of Roman Soldiers.

During the Summer there are often excavations in progress during the week.

South Shields also has a couple of great beaches, and it's a very pleasant walk along the coast to Marsden Rock