Date Emperor
55 BC Republic First expedition of Julius Caesar to Britain
54 BC Republic Second expedition of Julius Caesar to Britain
27 BC Augustus Senate grant Octavian the title Augustus
9 AD Augustus Destruction of 3 Legions in Germany halts Roman expansion
14 AD Tiberius Augustus dies
37 AD Caligula Tiberius dies
40 AD British expedition by Caligula aborted
41 AD Claudius Caligula murdered by a group of Praetorian guard
43 AD Claudius invades Britain
54 AD Nero Claudius possibly poisioned on the orders of his wife Agrippina
60 AD Boudicca revolts. Destruction of Colchester, London and Verulamium
61 AD Boudicca defeated
64 AD Great fire destroys half of Rome
68 AD Galba Revolt in Gaul, Spain and Africa. Nero commits suicide. This leads to civil war
69 AD Otho, Vitellius Galba, Otho, Vitellius and finally Vespasian becomes emperor
70 AD Vespasian Jerusalem captured by Titus
79 AD Titus Titus elder son of Vespasian proclaimed emperor on the death of Vespasian.
81 AD Domitian Domitian younger son of Vespasian proclaimed emperor on the death of Titus
83 AD Battle of Mons Graupius (in North East Scotland) Caledones defeated.
84 AD Conquest of Northern Britain and Wales completed
87 AD Inctuthil (legionary fort on the Tay) evacuated
96 AD Nerva Domitian murdered. Nerva proclaimed emperor
98 AD Trajan Trajan suceeds Nerva
100 AD Frontier now on the Tyne - Solway line
117 AD Hadrian Hadrian suceeds Trajan
122 AD Construction of Hadrians Wall begins
138 AD Antoninus Pius Antoninus suceeds Hadrian
140 AD Antonine conquests in Scotland
143 AD Antonine wall built
150 AD 150's Serious trouble in Northern Britain, Antonine Wall evacuated
151 AD Hadrians wall reoccupied.
160 AD Second Occupation of Antonine Wall
161 AD Marcus Aurelius Marcus Aurelius suceeds Antoninus
163 AD Antonine wall evacuated again, Hadrians wall main border
166 AD Legions returning from Partha bring back plague
175 AD 5000 surrendered Sarmatian cavalry sent to Britain
177 AD Commodus Co emperor with Marcus Aurelius became sole emperor on the death of Marcus Aurelius
180 AD Commodus Marcus Aurelius dies
182 AD Major warfare in Britain, enemy tribes cross the wall
184 AD Roman victories in Britain
185 AD Mid 180's fortifications started for British towns.
192 AD Commodus murdered
193 AD Pertinax Emperor for only 86 days before being murdered by mutinous guards.
The Praetorian guard then auctioned the post, 
Severus Julianus offered the guard 25000 sestertii a man. Julianus beheaded after a reign of only 66 days
Severus becomes emperor
195 AD Clodius Albinus governor of Britain leads an army in an attempt to become emperor
196 AD this attempt leaves Britain denuded of troops
197 AD Clodius Albinus defeated near Lyon
205 AD Restoration of Hadrans wall begins
208 AD Campaigns of Severus and Caracalla in Scotland (Ccontinues to 211)
211 AD Caracalla and Geta Death of Septimus Severus at York, his sons Caracalla and Geta become emperors
212 AD Caracalla alone Geta killed by Caracalla
217 AD Macrinus
218 AD Elagabulus
222 AD Severus Alexander
235 AD Maximinus
238 AD Gordan I and Gordan II
239 AD Gordan III
244 AD Philip I
249 AD Decius Traianus
250 AD Decius II
251 AD Gallus and Volusianus
253 AD Valerian and Gallienus
258 AD Gallic Empire - Postumus revolts and becomes usurper in Gaul and Britain
259 AD Gallienus alone
268 AD Claudius II Gothicus Gallic Empire - Victorinus
270 AD Aurelian Gallic Empire - Tetricus
273 AD Aurelian recovers Gallic empire
275 AD Tacitus
276 AD Florianus / Probus
282 AD Carus
283 AD Numerian
284 AD Diocletian
286 AD Diocletian & Maximian Diocletian introduces system of two emperors (for East and West)
287 AD Carausius a Roman General rebels. Takes over Britain and both sides of the channel.
293 AD Carausius murdered by Allectus. Allectus takes over as 'British emperor'
296 AD Constantius Chlorus recovers the province of Britain from Allectus.
305 AD Galerius & Constantius Chlorus
306 AD Constantius Chlorus dies at York after sucessfuly campaigning against the Picts. 
His son Constantine (the Great) proclaimed emperor at York.
311 AD Persecution of Christians ends
312 AD Constantine and Licinius Battle of the Milvian bridge - Constantine defeats Maxentius
324 AD Constantine Constantine defeats Licinius and becomes sole emperor
337 AD Constantine II, Constantine the Great dies his sons appointed co-emperors
338 AD Constantius II & Constans
340 AD Constantine II killed in ambush fighting Constans
343 AD Constans visits Britain to repel Picts. Last emperor to visit Britain.
350 AD Magnetius rebels against Constans, Constans is murdered.
351 AD Magnetius emperor of most of the West
353 AD Magnetius defeated by Constantius II and commits suicide
354 AD Vicious reprisals against Magnetius supporters
355 AD Julian appointed Caesar in charge of Britain and Gaul
360 AD Scots and Picts attack frontier region of Britain
361 AD Julian II Constantius II dies of fever
363 AD Jovian
364 AD Valentinian I Picts , Scots, Franks and Saxons attack
367 AD Britain attacked and overrun by Picts, Scots, Franks and Saxons.
368 AD Count Theodosius regains control and repairs the wall.
373 AD Gratian
378 AD Battle of Adrianople - huge defeat of Eastern Roman army by Goths
379 AD Theodosius(East) Theodosius the Great was the son of count Theodosius
383 AD Magnus Maximus commander in Britain revolts, Gratian killed.
388 AD Theodosius defeats Magnus Maximus
391 AD Theodosius bans all Pagan worship
395 AD Honorus Honorius emperor of the West 
398 AD Victories over Picts recorded
404 AD Western imperial court moved from Milan to Ravenna
406 AD Usurper Marcus proclaimed in Britain, Barbarians cross Rhine devestate Gaul
407 AD Constantine III proclaimed emperor by army in Britain (defeated in 411)
408 AD Roman general Stichio executed
409 AD Goths beseige Rome 
410 AD Rome sacked by Goths
411 AD End of Roman Britain, expulsion of Roman officials from Britain
420 AD 420/430 Regular use of coinage has ceased in Britain
423 AD Honorus dies